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Black and Thick

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Our Black and Thick is just what you need to end your night. Grab your candle and favorite bubble bath or bath soak. This irresistible rugged, yet classic scent of Warm Musk punctuated by notes of Mango and Coconut milk.

Top Notes: Petitgrain, Mango

Middle Notes: Warm Musk, Jasmine

Bottom Notes:  Coconut Milk, Sugar

  • Luxury Wax
  • High Quality Fragrance Oil
  • Lead free wicks


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Timothy McCleary

I love Luvonfire all their candles have your whole house smelling so wonderful and people ask what that smell is I tell them to go to the website and buy it and support this business

Thank you so much Tim! We appreciate your consistent orders. Thank for being apart of the Luv Family!!

Winifred Harrison

I am impressed for presentation. I give it 150% for actual candle. I give it 150%. I consider myself a connoisseur candle person. This is sweet, thank you! 😊

Thank you for your kind review! We appreciate you!

Black Boldness

From ordering to lighting this candle was an Amazing Experience!! My order was to my home within 3 buisness days. The packaging was very High Quality and Well protected. NOW, the actual candle is simply Gorgeous Black Bold Wax inside a beautiful glass jar was the companies logo and name. The scent is very captivating and each hour it burns many of the upper living areas of my home begin to embrace the scent. Even while unlit the candle gives off a beautiful aroma. Im Glad I purchased and will definitely, buying more.


I purchased the candle for my lady, I don’t always get it right but this candle nailed it. The look and style appealed to her but the scent closed the deal. The set the stage for a pleasurable evening.

Thank you for your creativity

Whooooo that’s what we’re about…LOVE!!
Glad she loved it!

J. Ray

I love this scent. It’s very appealing to my olfactory. I have probably had it burning everyday. Usually I like to switch it up, but I’ve found a new fave!

Thank you very much for your kind review. We’re happy that you allowed us to bring a little piece of LUV in to your home.

Warm regards,